Happy Birthday peta+kaarten & #London is here!

London (50x70)-03


A year has passed and we’re celebrating peta+kaarten’s birthday today! And we’re so happy to be releasing our new #London map on this special day. What’s even more special is that our London map now comes in coloured special edition with the infamous Thames made distinct in blue. Don’t worry, the classic monochrome edition is still available for purchase. Please head over to our webshop to pre-order a map(s)!

In the mean time, have a wonderful wonderful weekend and take care wherever you are folks!ūüôā


clothing rail grande2

clothing rail grande2-2

I absolutely love this grand clothing rail by¬†Annaleena. True to form, it really is special in its magnitude and simplicity. I’d love to have this in my room! Wouldn’t you?ūüôā

Photograph via Annaleena.

Home: Essentially









When you think of a home you would immediately picture the spaces that make it a home. From the communal areas like the living room, the kitchen, the library to the more intimate enclosures such as the bed and bathrooms. A space becomes a home especially when it serves its purpose and is aesthetically pleasing.

Of course aesthetic is a subjective matter beholden to each individual, but the truth is any space can become beautiful when it’s decorated simply with only the essentials.

As you see in this styling by Team Sarah Widman, the spaces possess only items essential and relevant to the spaces. The living room is a place to engage with others or for self-repose; thus the sofa (with cushions and throw), the books/magazines and the abundance of light provide to serve this purpose. The bedroom is dealt minimally with the provision of bed and a light stand.

Fundamentally, a space does not require listless adornments to look beautiful. It’s enough that the items that sit in those spaces are both useful, beautiful and kept to a minimum.


Photograph via Jonas Berg.

Melo: Natural Coffee Table





Simple is always best. This bespoke ash coffee table by Melo is handcrafted to order from Dalarna, Sweden. In a lot of ways, the tactile material resembles my Lisabo work desk from IKEA. Of course they are in no way alike but I love that the Scandinavians get it right when designing organic, simple yet elegant furnitures.

Photograph via Melo.

Perfectly lit kitchen





I just love how well the kitchen is lit, be it naturally or artificially. The abundantly bright sunlight gives a lot of life to the space and the warmth from the interior lighting makes you want to linger around for just that bit longer.

Photograph via Bjufors.

Leap Year!


I feel so guilty for leaving my blog bare for quite a while, I am so sorry dear readers. But I am still here, just not as busy writing as I have before. The good news (I hope) is that I post photos of my styling on instagram so do give it a visit for quick inspirations.

Finally, I am thankful that I get to be in another leap year, marked by today, 29th February 2016ūüôā

I hope you’ll have a sensational week, month and year ahead! X

Bedroom Inspiration


Now that I’ve finished painting my walls (I still need to repaint the skirting, door frames and door! – not happy with some marks I see on them) I am once again active on the lookout for inspirational bedrooms….like this one here which I think is styled by the ever talented (my favourite!) interior stylist¬†Emma Fischer.

I love love love all the whites and little details you find around the room, like the rustic desk, the ruffled linen bedsheets and how the curtains hang.









Photograph via 55 Kvadrat Makleri.

Happy New Year 2016!


It’s the first day of 2016 and writing here is one of my first to-do’s for the year :p I hope everyone has had a wonderful celebration be it outside with some fireworks or in bed with a movie (how I spent mine last night).

This year will see more maps installation on peta+kaarten and also, I hope, a new range of products for both children and adults who love maps-geography-travelling.

This year will also see my room transformed from the old and shabby to a refreshed-Scandinavian-inspired bedroom/studio (yeay!). I’m still looking for the right working desk- something that I really really love and so far I’ve found only a few.

One of them is this one by¬†Feist Forest¬†of Devon, England. I just love that their desks are handmade from locally sourced wood. I also adore the simplicity in its design and function; its lightness and uncluttered look. As my room isn’t especially spacious, this desk will be a perfect fit.






Photograph via Feist Forest.

Now available: Copenhagen

Our Copenhagen map is now up in our webshop! I’m so chuffed it’s finally here! This is by far the most intricate of all maps I’ve drawn and it’s well worth it. Please do check it out on our¬†shop¬†and let me know what you think? I hope everyone is doing wonderfully in this festive week!

PS: Which city would you like to see next?